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The pathway of Ayurveda

This interview with my Ayurveda teachers, Mouli MacKenzie and Greg Carlin has so many pearls of wisdom.

We spoke about the cycles of nature, women's health, the doshas, how to come back to balance and digestion amongst many other things. It felt like we could have spoken forever, since Ayurveda is so vast and Mouli and Greg have so much wisdom to share.

They shared about the free 3 day Ayurveda Inspiration and also the Dru Foundations of Ayurveda course, which is the one I did and highly recommend. I recommend looking up both events if you are ready to take control of your health.

They are also available for Ayurvedic consultations, so if you would like to have a consultation with either of them, email them at

Here is some information about Mouli and Greg:

Mouli MacKenzie is a Senior Dru Ayurveda, Meditation & Yoga Teacher Trainer and an Ayurvedic Health Coach. Mouli has over 15 years experience supporting people using the wisdom and practices of Dru and Ayurveda to resolve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease and health conditions. Her mission is to inspire conscious living and empower individuals to be the healthiest, most awake and aware version of themselves.

Greg Carlin is a Senior Dru Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher Trainer & an Ayurvedic Consultant. With a background in nursing, Greg applies the Ayurvedic approach to help clients discover their distinctive constitution (mix of vata, pitta and kapha) and rebalance specific health status or conditions with diet, herbs, therapies and lifestyle.

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