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Spring Time Mini Yoga Retreat

Our previous online mini yoga retreat was such a success! I am so excited to be offering our next one!

Our theme this time is inspired by the energy of Spring. We will be doing yoga practices that are designed to shift the stagnation that we feel in Winter. We will be doing yoga postures and sequences that are designed to help us let go of frustration and irritability. The journey we will go on will help to inspire creative solutions to life's challenges.

This 2-hour mini-retreat will involve breath work to activate our power centre, heart-opening Dru yoga sequences, time for reflection with journalling practices, deep relaxation and a very refreshing meditation.

Let us celebrate Spring and bring a sense of lightness and joy into our lives. Taking action from a place of inner wisdom is the most productive thing we can do for ourselves. I am so excited to be sharing this with you!

“Thank you for creating such a special space for us to plant the seeds of the life we want to create from now onwards. You have such a gift to make us feel connected between each other and within ourselves." - Mariana Suarez

"The retreat allowed me to give myself permission to nurture and connect to a deeper part of me. It was a soulful experience which supported me both emotionally and physically. The journal writing flowed effortlessly and helped me to self reflect and clarify what my deeper needs are. Your ( Olga's) gentle approach and guidance was reassuring and helped me come home to me. Thank you Olga for your wisdom." - Connie Ruberto

"Olga, your beautiful, caring nature comes through the screen effortlessly. Thank you for a centring, heart-awakening retreat. I especially loved the Dru sequence Seat of Compassion, the journalling process you guided us through to reveal our innermost desire and how we could take steps immediately to move towards them, and the sublime relaxation at the end to anchor it all in. xoxo" - Tracy Rowe

I am really looking forward to seeing you there. How fabulous that you can join me from anywhere in the world! I have two sessions, so if you are in a U.S. timezone or a European time zone, you can join in!

I hope to see you there!

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