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The path of heart

This interview with Carmen of Lulanimoon Therapies is a real gem. We had a few technical issues with sound, but it is still absolutely worth the listen.

Carmen shares her love of plants and how to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way. She is a treasure trove of wisdom and peace. We speak about how women can reconnect to themselves and each other, how living with the path of heart is the most important practice we should cultivate and how critical it is to make nature and our indigenous peoples the centre of our lives if we wish to create health and healing for ourselves and the world.

Carmen talks about her incredible plant offerings such as botanical incense and plant bundles and how to use them in our daily lives. I also spend a significant amount of time gushing about my love for this beautiful woman, if you ever meet her, you will understand my adoration for her too.

I hope you enjoy watching this interview as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Here is some information about Carmen:

"I love what I do with my whole heart.... & that is holding space for people to come to a place of deep rest. It is in this space of stillness, that healing has an opportunity to weave its way to the parts of ourselves that need it the most, be it the physical or emotional aspects of self. I have come to know myself as a Ceremonial Beauty Therapist, an amalgamation of my learnings throughout the years. A service that brings us closer to the natural elements."

Carmen's path is to support others to hear the song that echos within them.. to see the gifts that the land has to offer and that everyone of us has equal opportunity to be a light.. to build a relationship with the animals, the plants and the Spirit within and without.

Carmen has worked in the health and beauty industry for the past 19 years offering a holistic and down to earth approach to her practices.

A qualified Horticulturist with a passion for herbal wellness, Carmen weaves this knowledge throughout her services & offers workshops to explore connections to the plant world.

An incense crafter, tree lover and Raven whisperer, treading gently upon Mother Earth to inspire others to connect to the natural world.

Find Carmen here:


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