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Our new house - all the details!

I have been in my new home for 3 weeks and I finally feel like I can sit down and chat to you. The last few months have been full of preparation and anticipation for something that has been coming for a long time - a place to put down roots. My family and I will be in Australia for 13 years this year. I never would have anticipated that it would have taken us 13 years to find this home, but that is how long it took. I have felt like a gypsy for a long time, moving between states and cities and living in 5 different homes, 4 of which were rentals.

My soul has been yearning to be in a home with a beautiful garden, where I can plant flowers and food. A home that I can make beautiful and have friends and family feel nurtured in. I have had a vision of a place where people can visit and walk away feeling more peaceful and balanced. So many times people who come and stay with me say that they feel like they are on a retreat. I am looking forward to creating more of that, especially as I expand into my Ayurvedic health coach offerings over time.

When I saw this house for sale in October last year I didn't experience fireworks or stars. Instead, I felt comfortable. I felt so peaceful, just by looking at the photographs. It just felt like home. I was expecting to be giddy with excitement when I finally found the home I have been looking for for the last 13 years. So I was really surprised when it just felt like coming home. I felt that I belonged in the house and I felt like the house had been looking for me too.

Soul mates.

Upon viewing of the house, my breath was literally taken away when I looked out the back door and was enveloped by a ring of massive conifers - the trees of my ancestry. The trees sealed the deal and I knew that I was home.

I also discovered a little studio on the property, which will become my personal boudoir. It is unfinished but once it is complete, I envision it as a personal space for me to create and just be. I will eventually open it up for my wellbeing consultations and mentoring for those who wish to be nurtured by the land and the wisdom of Ayurveda. It will also have an overnight apartment.

I am of course planning on creating a potager and filling the garden with flowers and fruit trees. The previous owners took good care of the garden, so I have a good starting point, but also a lot of space to plant roses, dahlias, peonies and cherries and about a hundred other types of plants! I am taking inspiration from David L. Culp and his layered garden.

The house itself is beautiful and other than a few renovations we want to make over time, it is totally ready for us to live in and enjoy right now. I love the brick walls, the natural light that comes through the windows and the opportunities to create special vignettes. The house is very well designed and has many different living areas. I am not a big fan of a totally open plan space, as I believe that we need to allocate different parts of the home for different purposes. This home has a beautiful flow that does not feel stuffy and at the same time has places for each member of the family to retreat to and nurture themselves.

We have moved to a lovely quiet street with friendly neighbours. The people on this street have lived in in their homes for an average of 25 years, so it looks like we will be staying put for a long time. I am not surprised - it is extremely peaceful here and it has a warm and kind community. We are an hour outside the city by train, so as the children grow, they will have the opportunities to be independent and enjoy the benefits of the city and also coming home to rest in a country like environment.

It has taken some time to find my home. And the time spent was perfect as I tended to my health both on a physical and spiritual level. I took the time to heal myself and I feel so ready for this next period of my life.

This is now a period of creating peace and beauty and designing a home and garden that is a reflection of who I am and one that nurtures me and my family. I have recently discovered Rita Konig and I have finally found a designer I resonate with. I have devoured her course on Create Academy and love how she says that interior design is all about tables, lamps and chairs. I am having a great time creating vignettes with places to sit and chat or quietly read a book.

Here are some more progress photos for you to enjoy.

I would love to know what home means to you?

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