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One year of drinking celery juice

I have been drinking celery juice for one year and I wanted to share what has changed in my life.

By the time I started drinking celery juice, I had tried everything to recover from my chronic health issues. The formal diagnosis was Hashimoto's, but the physical manifestations were:

  • Acne as a teen and hormonal breakouts throughout my adult life.

  • Constant bladder infections.

  • Constant tonsillitis, my tonsils were eventually removed in my late teens.

  • Constant sinus infections in my early twenties.

  • Mood swings.

  • Chronic eye infections.

  • Chronic anaemia, no matter how much spinach and red meat I would eat.

  • A continuous underlying fatigue. I could get through the day, but not with any kind of zest for life.

  • An extremely low tolerance to any kind of stress in my life. I would have to prepare for any activities a long time in advance and make sure that I was not doing anything strenuous immediately before and immediately after any activities. This included simple things like family outings to the city and dinners with friends.

  • A constant nauseous feeling in my throat.

  • So much bloating, especially by the end of the day.

  • Period pains and emotional blow ups before my period. (Sorry family.)

  • A constant anxiety around food. I was trying every diet under the sun, thinking that this would be the one to fix everything. I was always reading labels and changing the family's diet every few months. (Again, sorry family!)

  • An inability to maintain a consistent exercise program. I love the feeling of pushing my body physically (I was a dancer and hockey player in high school) but doing too much physical exercise would always knock out my adrenals and leave me deeply fatigued for weeks and sometimes months. The only exercise that I could maintain was my beloved Dru yoga.

I was so lucky to find Medical Medium and I slowly started implementing his protocols. I understood why he suggests that everyone should drink celery juice because of my understanding of Ayurveda. Ayurveda speaks of the digestive fire. The digestive fire is called Agni and all of Ayurveda is centred around strengthening it. Ayurveda explains that our whole physiology functions better when our Agni is strong. When our Agni is strong, we digest food properly and when we digest food properly, we receive all the nutrients from our food and our body is able to fight pathogens.

Medical Medium explains that celery juice builds hydrochloric acid in the stomach so that we can digest our food and fight pathogens in the body. He suggests that we drink 16 ounces (about 450ml) every morning on an empty stomach. It is important that it is just the juice and does not have the fibre in it. It is important that it is on it's own, as any additions to it will not support the celery juice in doing its healing work. Plain, simple celery juice, on its own, first thing in the morning. That is it.

I immediately noticed a difference in how I felt when I started drinking celery juice. I felt clearer and lighter. I started having more energy. And I have not stopped drinking it since. I have no intention of stopping.

This is how I feel, one year later:

  • Acne is 90% gone. I have had a handful of hormonal breakouts that have lasted at most 2 days.

  • Not a single bladder infection since I have started drinking celery juice.

  • Not a single sinus infection.

  • My mood is so much more even and my mind is so clear, so no more mood swings.

  • I have still had a few eye infections. According to Medical Medium, these are usually caused by streptococcus. I got rid of all my eye makeup and went make up free for a few months. I have started wearing eye make up again in the last few months and have not had any new eye infections.

  • My iron levels went up significantly once I started on celery juice. I also decided to get an iron infusion which has made a huge difference. I am still taking iron supplements, so this one is still a work in progress.

  • My need for naps during the day has significantly decreased. Every now and then I need to get myself back on track and I spend a few days in a row having a nap in the afternoon, but not nearly as frequently as I did in the past.

  • My tolerance to stress has increased a lot. We moved interstate in the last year and I felt cool and calm through the process. Our family is dealing with many changes at the moment and I am working through them well. Although, I still need lots of time to prepare for events and I can't handle too much on my plate, I am pleased to say that I am now able to go on outings and enjoy myself so much more. I spent a whole day in the sun at the Australian Open this summer, something that would have knocked me out for a week in the past. I feel that I am better able to compartmentalise events, so I don't bleed energetically from one to the other. My mind is calmer, so my tolerance to stress is much higher.

  • The constant nausea in my throat is gone. It comes back every now and then when I eat gluten, dairy and other foods that are not supportive to my health at the moment. I still have to be very careful with my diet.

  • No more bloating! I can't believe it, but my bloating is gone!

  • No more period pains!

  • I am still really vigilant around the food I eat, but I now occasionally allow things that I had totally banned a year ago. People can invite me for dinner again! Although I don't feel too great in my body afterwards, so I make sure to return to my diet of 80% plants most of the time.

  • My physical strength is nowhere near where it was when I was healthy and I am not ready to join the gym any time soon. But, I am able to walk much further distances and have started to do some strength training at home. My beloved Dru yoga is still the underlying rock to my physical health.

So there you go, one year of drinking celery juice every day and I am so glad I did it. I have no plans to stop, since the benefits of this lifestyle keep compounding. Most importantly, I feel so much happier, I am a better mum and wife and I am way more playful than I have ever been. I have my life back and things are only getting better each day!

Here is to your good health.

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