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New Beginnings Mini Yoga Retreat

I am so excited to be offering my first online mini yoga retreat. My yoga retreats have always been restorative and heart-opening. I love being a guide for women, helping them to reconnect to their inner wisdom through gentle movement, deep breathing and connection to nature.

This 2-hour mini-retreat will involve breath work to shift blocked energy, heart-opening Dru yoga sequences, time for reflection with journalling practices, deep relaxation and very nourishing meditation.

It will be an honour to support you during a time on the planet where taking extra time to be kind to ourselves is more important than ever.

“Olga’s yoga sessions have helped me change my life for the better so much. My energy was very depleted when I started coming to her sessions and I could hardly do anything in my days. Now I am able to complete all the tasks and my creativity is boundless!"

"Olga’s graceful presence and her wisdom about everything woman are truly precious. She holds a calm, safe and grounded space for us to be, share, shed all unnecessary layers and blossom”

"Before I came to Olga's yoga classes I was feeling tired, anxious, and stressed by life. I was struggling in particular with balancing motherhood and work.

During Olga's yoga classes I felt a deep calm. It has become my 90 minutes of special 'me' time. When I miss it, I really notice the difference!

After Olga's yoga classes I experience incredible bursts of energy afterwards. They bring alive a wonderful creativity and I find myself completely energized for the work I need to get done.

I would recommend Olga's yoga classes because of her passion for Dru yoga, the calmness she brings to her classes, and the sense of community she builds."

I am really looking forward to seeing you there. How fabulous that you can join me from anywhere in the world! This is such a great time to be taking the time to reassess the things in your life, like how you are spending your time, what you are feeding your body and your mind and what your priorities in life are. Taking time to be still and reflective is so important.

I hope to see you there!

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